My Art Process

Some folks have been asking about my process for art projects. I will do a better job at preserving the rough, initial sketches from now on. But, here’s my process…After I do a lot of sketching, I send those sketches to the client for approval. Once a sketch is approved, I do a “tight” B&W drawing. Once approved by the client, I begin coloring. I do it my way first. After submitting the art, I wait for feedback from the client. Once the feedback comes in, I try to give them exactly what they want the first time. But, revisions and options are a part of the process.  Luckily, Jay Whitecotton came into the project with a clear idea of what he wanted. That direction helped me out tremendously and expedited the process! Here are three samples. The B&W version, the rejected one and the final, approved one.BigTexBigTex.colorBigTex.darkBG921098_10208991047236103_2497058593032659545_o


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