Upcoming events in April

Hey, everybody!  C’mon out to some of these comedy events where I’ll be performing.  It’s kicking off tomorrow!  As always, support local comedy and bring beer money!

09 APR:  The Comedy Zone, Ft. Walton Beach, FL.  Feature act for the headliner Bubba Bradley

14 APR:  Sativa Sense Comedy Showcase, 8th & Wedgewood, Nashville, TN

20 APR:  Flying With Jaybird Comedy Show, Mad Donna’s, East Nashville, TN

My Art Process

Some folks have been asking about my process for art projects. I will do a better job at preserving the rough, initial sketches from now on. But, here’s my process…After I do a lot of sketching, I send those sketches to the client for approval. Once a sketch is approved, I do a “tight” B&W drawing. Once approved by the client, I begin coloring. I do it my way first. After submitting the art, I wait for feedback from the client. Once the feedback comes in, I try to give them exactly what they want the first time. But, revisions and options are a part of the process.  Luckily, Jay Whitecotton came into the project with a clear idea of what he wanted. That direction helped me out tremendously and expedited the process! Here are three samples. The B&W version, the rejected one and the final, approved one.BigTexBigTex.colorBigTex.darkBG921098_10208991047236103_2497058593032659545_o

Current Schedule

Hey, Y’all!  C’mon out to these locations and hang with me.  Bring beer money!

Monday – 08 FEB 16 – Host, Bobby’s Idle Hour on Music Row

Tuesday – 09 Feb 16 – Headliner, Bubba & Friends, The Night Owl

More to come!